Freeze and a recipe

Having spent a week or so looking after babies ventilated for severe bronchiolitis, I have not only succumbed to boredom, but also possibly to the virus itself. Ended up calling in sick (a quite difficult task when you’ve lost your voice) and then falling asleep, not to waken again until afternoon. Felt a bit more alive after that though. So I’ve just had breakfast at 14:00.

It’s snowing outside and the ambient temperature inside the flat is struggling to keep above 15 degrees, even with both heaters going. So it was definitely a porridge day. I’d run out of milk though, so added a splash of double cream, and also the half banana I’d accidently left on the doorstep (just inside the house) – the plan yesterday morning had been to finish it on the way to work, but I’d put it down to lock the door with my free hand, and forgotten to pick it up again. Being impatient, I turned the heat up, and as soon as the oats were bubbling, a smell reminiscent of the Thai desert Kluay buat chee (bananas in coconut milk) arose.  When I last had this at a restaurant, they had topped it with sesame seeds, and it had a salty undertone – a bit like caramel. I didn’t have any caramel or sesame seeds to hand, but I did have ‘Sesame Snaps® with Coconut’, so I crushed one up and chucked it into the pot. And ended up with a Scottish-Thai fusion which I think is perfect for breakfast at 2 o’clock in the afternoon when it’s freezing outside.  Thank you RSV.


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