The inefficiency of single-person households

Living alone is just wrong. It simply isn’t possible to work (more than) full time and run the household to my own (not particularly exacting) standards. In fact, if I were single (as opposed to about to move back in with my husband, having been separated by work for 7 months), I would probably be hiring a cleaner.  Today was a short (i.e. 9 to 5) day, so I got home at 6:15. Having vacuum cleaned the floor and done some pilates, I then had to do the laundry, check my emails and make dinner (but before that, I had to do last night’s washing up). So by the time I sat down to eat it was nearly 9pm. As for long (i.e. 9am to 9:30pm) days, well, those are the days that result in there being left over washing up and mess. And on those days I just have junk food (or cereal)  for dinner, so I try and have proper food if I’ve arrived home before 7. So much for reading those papers for the research proposal. Or playing the piano. I just don’t have time to keep the house clean and cook as well as have a life/ keep my mind stimulated. And that’s without even trying to have a social life.


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