Off sick

..can hardly breathe, shivery hot/cold, feel wiped out every time I bend over, nose running over the computer…

But enough about my physical condition. Which I partly blame on having volunteered to cover Sunday’s night shift. But my car works again! It’s got a brand new clutch. Which the money from working the extra shift should cover. Which is why I struggled with calling in sick today, but really, I’m not physically up to running the admissions unit for 12 hours, and I don’t imagine the parents will appreciate me sneezing all over their children.

So what am I up to today (glad this blog has hardly any readers, or I’d actually have to write properly!)?  Finally had time to look up sclerema. It’s one of those things that people comment about on intensive/neonatal intensive care and then do nothing about, so I wanted to know a bit more about its natural history. The sentence about neonatal fat having a higher melting point is particularly disturbing. Sometimes you just don’t really want to know. Not sure how to translate the information in the article to a parent-friendly explanation the next time the mother of a really sick baby asks why the baby’s fingers are fixed in a flexed position.

Also catching up on my reading for the research proposal. More technical EEG stuff, and sleep electrophysiology. And if there’s time in the evening, maybe I’ll get started on my latest charity bookshop acquisition. Seeing as I’m too washed out to do any packing/cleaning up.


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