Have just been printing out my feedback from various on-the-job assessments. The consensus seems to be that I am performing significantly below average compared to others with the same experience.
I think I have got past the stage of responding to this with tears, but it does make me wonder if I am inherently unsuited to the medical profession, or, at least, acute hospital medicine.
I particularly loathe the A&E setting, and night shifts are just an agonising countdown to their end. Every time the crash page goes off, I just want to run in the opposite direction and hide.
But there is more to medicine than emergencies. I perform best at journal club and clinics (and have been told so). I like to explain things to people, be they patients or junior colleagues. The most enjoyable part of this training year has been putting together a research proposal, even though it was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the only route into academic medicine (and thus a life without having cover the ‘acute take’) seems to involve having to first prove yourself in the emergency setting. I know I only need to be signed off as ‘competent’, but it’s hurtful being rated below average, when I’ve been working so hard and being really keen (read: Professional) even when doing the things I find extremely unpleasant.


One response to “Feedback

  1. I certainly disagreed with those subjective and irresponsible feedback ratings. You are a very competent individual, if I were you I would ignore totally all those comments as long as you are doing your job with utmost integrity.

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